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We are a family owned operation specializing in Boer Goats for both market shows, and ABGA shows. Our son, Ethan, was the one who ask for the goats in 2005 and did a huge part of the work until graduation in 2008, thus was born Lazy E Goats. In 2011, Lachel decided she wanted to try her hand at showing in the ABGA shows, so we searched out show stock to get her started in that direction.
Our COMMITMENT is to search out good breeding stock. The PLAN is to produce goats for showing and breeding, so check out the kids page, and boer goats for sale page. The GOAL is to produce kids that are Healthy and Adaptable with sound Character and Good Conformation and Muscling.

Bloodlines include Ennobled FNHR One Ton Dually, Show Me Boers/RRD Deringer Y217, Ennobled Bo Jangles, Ennobled The Big Cat, Ennobled Polar Express, Ennobled RRD Ruger, Ennobled Cannon, Ennobled Status Quo, Ennobled 2DOX CD's Salute, Ennobled SWE Main Event, Ennobled DER Bo Diddley, Ennobled Ward's Cat In The Hat, Ennobled 10B2B AK-47
Jeff & Kelly Clark
Everett, PA 15537
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This page was last updated: April 28, 2016
Farm & Other News - updated 4/24/16

Ward Holy Shitaki is now ENNOBLED!! We are so proud of this doe.  Her first 3 kids ennobled her!!
She placed 7th at Nationals in 2014, and her doe kid, LAZYE Got The Magic In Me also placed 9th at Nationals that same year.
In 2015 she had twin does and they both went on to have GREAT show careers as junior does, they are LAZYE Chasing Dreams and LAZYE She Badder Than Bad.

We have a few doe kids sired by LAZYE Navigator and LAZYE Chuck A Deuce that will make great show prsopects for 2016.

Lachel showing Navigator at an ABGA show!

Shane showing Escalade at an ABGA show!